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Greek yogurt ice cream with Apple Yakult

Apple Yakult Yogurt

Coffee ice cream with Baileys Irish Cream and Whiskey

Bailey's Coffee

Caramelized banana ice cream with crushed caramelized walnut topping

Banana Walnut

Toasted corn flakes infused ice cream

Breakfast Cereal

Dark chocolate ice cream made with Valrhona Cocoa Powder and stout

Chocolate Stout

Green tea leaves infused ice cream with matcha powder

Green Tea

Gula melaka ice cream with pandan chiffon cake topping

Gula Pandan

Hazelnut ice cream with crushed KitKat topping

Hazelnut KitKat

Milk ice cream made with authentic Hokkaido milk

Hokkaido Milk

Horlicks ice cream with crushed chocolate Hello Panda biscuit topping

Horlicks Panda

Lychee and rosewater ice cream with raspberry swirl


Lychee sorbet with Asahi beer

Lychee Beer Sorbet

Madagascar vanilla pods infused ice cream

Madagascar Vanilla

Baron beer ice cream with crushed caramel and pistachio topping

Nutty Beer

Greek yogurt ice cream with Original Yakult

Original Yakult Yogurt

Pandan infused ice cream with salted coconut crumble topping

Pandan Crumble

Peanut butter ice cream with crushed peanut candy topping

Peanut Butter

Peppermint ice cream with mocha swirl

Peppermint Mocha

Guava sorbet made with pink guava juice

Pink Guava Sorbet

Pistachio ice cream with crushed roasted pistachio topping

Roasted Pistachio

Melon sorbet made with rockmelon puree

Rockmelon Sorbet

A&W root beer infused ice cream

Root Beer Float

Rasins ice cream with raisins mascerated in rum liqueur

Rum & Raisins

Digestive biscuit infused ice cream with marshmallow sauce and chocolate shaving topping


(Does not contain gelatin)

Buttery sea salt ice cream with graham crumb topping

Salted Butterscotch

Strawberry ice cream made with IQF strawberries


Thai tea leaves infused ice cream

Thai Milk Tea

Dark chocolate ice cream made with Valrhona Cocoa Powder

Valrhona Chocolate

White chocolate ice cream with Speculoos swirl

White Choc Speculoos

Citron jam sorbet with yuzu juice

Yuzu Sorbet

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